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I had the pleasure of attending a couple of workshops, and the way the company handled it was brilliant. They made a warm welcome with some fun and energetic exercises, and followed up with mentally stimulating exercises that invited all manner of ideas and musings.
They were professional and friendly, entertaining every contribution we could give. They are very talented, and their methods for finding stimulus and inspiration is incredible.

Harrison Wate - Blown Fuse Workshops

Attended a Blown Fuse workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ellie and the team are amazing!
— Jared Gounden - Blown Fuse Workshops

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Review of 'tape'

It is one man’s story, but a story that is gleaned from many stories and could apply to anyone [...] I was completely drawn in to the young man’s despair and (perhaps?) hope.
Sometimes subdued, sometimes anguished, sometimes hypnotic – this piece has a sense of purpose and unity.

Broadway Baby / Read Full Article

review of 'tape'

The piece felt raw and did not shy away from the pain and exhaustion someone with mental illness faces. 

Voice Mag / Read Full Article