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In Autumn 2019 Blown Fuse propose to embark on Phase 2 of My-Dentity to develop the material gained from their research to create an immersive performance installation. The company aim to create an interactive installation experience for one audience member at a time comprising live performance, VR and sound design.

My-Dentity Phase 2 will focus on creative development of the piece including working with designers and technicians to experiment with integrating VR technology and immersive audio into a one-to- one performance piece. Blown Fuse will also work on narrative, dramaturgy and character development.



My-Dentity has been supported and funded by the Arts Council England.

My-Dentity has been supported and funded by the Arts Council England.

My-dentity is a three-week research and development project exploring the concept of womanhood in the 21st Century, engaging with women with diverse experience and backgrounds from Southend. Taking place during our Time & Space residency at Metal Culture, it's an investigation into other women’s experiences and how they compare to our own. It is important that our work comes from a place of truth and honesty, so aim to obtain real stories to use as stimulus to ultimately devise an experiential, immersive piece of theatre. We are running creative workshops with women identified through local community groups which will focus on food, nutrition, wellness, beauty, femininity and body image. We are particularly interested in engaging women who may not have had such direct access to the arts in the past.

The work created as a result of this investigation will then form the basis of full-scale theatre project later in the year. We anticipate that the final material will be taken on to develop into a tour-ready theatre piece that can be experienced by audiences in non-traditional venues, outside of building based arts organisations.

Wanna get involved? it’s free!

My-Dentity: Femininity
Thursday 11th April - 7.30pm @ Metal Southend

My-Dentity: Inner & Outer Beauty
Thursday 25th April @ Metal Southend
Inner Beauty - 2.30-4.30pm - BOOK HERE
Outer Beauty - 6.00-10.00pm - BOOK HERE

My-Dentity: GRRRLZINE Fair & Feast
Wednesday 1st May @ Metal Southend
Grrrlzine Fair - 6-8pm - BOOK HERE
Celebration & Feast - 8-10pm - BOOK HERE